Seen and Heard: “Just How Many Drum Sets Do You Need?”

Ok, equipment! $$$ I started out with a Simmons electronic set five years ago for noise control in our very small house but last year procured a used Pearl acoustic and then ironically someone offered me a free Sound Percussion starter set. My husband was trying to understand why did I need ANOTHER set…I couldn’t pass it up. FREE! I felt like it was my equivalent of a junker car. We learned how to change drum heads on this set and set up and break down of its’ components. This was not something I wanted to do on my other set. I have also loaned the FREE set out to my younger daughter’s school when she needed it.

We have finally put away the electronic kit but have the other two set up and it can be a very handy learning tool during lessons not to mention a heck of a lot of fun for the girls when they want to have a drum off. (ear plugs anyone?)

For my latest birthday I had the good fortune to acquire a great new cymbal set from the Memphis Drum Shop whose logo hat I proudly wear on cold winter days here on the east coast. It is a Zildjian Custom K Dark Series. I can only repeat over and over how much I love these new cymbals. The sound, feel and look just make me so darned happy. I feel like I want to stroke them lovingly every time I see them. Do I sound insane? Possibly!

I am now about to embark on changing the bottom and top heads which came with my used set. I am looking for a new sound and have decided to try the Aquarian Deep Vintage II series. It will be a mad experiment. I have not changed a head since acquiring the FREE set and boy, was that a learning experience. Professor Prokop taught the three of us in a lesson session but I needed to do the bass drum on my own as I needed some spare parts not available at the time of the lesson. Can I tell you how many rookie mistakes I made? It was laughable. The good news is that I did eventually get it right all on my own but it has been a while and I am planning on working on replacements on my beloved set next week. I am blocking a HUGE amount of time for this project. I felt equally unsure of changing out my cymbal set a few weeks back but with the help of a YouTube video sent by the Professor, who refused to coddle me (thank you!) I did it all on my own.

I always feel the drum set and all of the various parts is a bit mysterious…like I am not in the know of some sort of secret drum knowledge but learning little bits as I go along is also quite empowering.


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