A Weekend in Drummergirl(s) House

Friday night Dad had plans outside of the house which gave this Mom some free time to pick her daughters’ brains for some ways to improve her rolls. This impromptu session started the ball rolling into an informal drum off, dance session and overall music chaos! Nothing makes me happier. I love seeing all three of my kids in full on music mode. Dance parties reign. Agreeing on a song is not always easy though.

Sunday brought on the big drum head/bottom changing project and my youngest daughter was on hand to provide assistance. My older one was on hand to provide snarky commentary throughout the process. After reading and rereading the Pearl hand out on changing and tuning drum heads we also decided to use a Pearl tutorial on YouTube the first time out. This was very helpful. After that it was HGTV while we finished the job! They look and sound awesome. Looking forward to a long practice session soon.


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