Had a lesson this past week. Spent a lot of time on “music theory” and trying to understand correct terminology and ways of writing down drum parts to songs. (read: eyes glaze over and brain short circuits) It is befuddling to my old lady brain no matter how much I try to make sense of it. Sometimes by about the fourth or fifth time the light bulb goes on but other times still lost.

Still on Steely Dan but now have a new fill to learn and unfortunately I am not getting it. My hands are getting tangled and transitioning from the fill back into the groove is waaaaay more tricky than my abilities. Counting helps but not there yet. May need an intervention from the Professor. He did make a recording for me to play with and that is a great tool.

Tone-Loc still on my plate for improv practice. Slightly improving but doing the actual groove has stilted my ability to transition into fills easily. It literally feels like my brain just stops and hands and brain out of sync.

Ahhh, the shuffle groove…Ten Long Years…this is my happy place. This is one that is making me feel like I am accomplishing something and I can see how far I have come along over these five long years. I cannot wait until I can play the shuffle faster!

Still trying to pick up bpm in reading exercise…105 appears to be my max. 110 the goal by next lesson. I keep trying but again I feel like my hands and brain out of sync!



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