These Days…

These days I am working on my blues/swing 12/8 time. I had a long discussion with the Professor and decided after just about five years I feel like it is time to veer off and really work on a specific genre of music I love and can see myself playing in the future with a lot of joy. The idea of playing anywhere outside of the basement terrifies me yet I am so hopeful that once I feel more confident with my abilities in other words….very sure….I will be chomping at the bit to mix it up with some like minded folks.

Last Saturday was Record Store Day and I made my pilgrimage to my local shop to pick up some items: “The Charlie Parker Story”; for my Jazz girls, Ghost Song/Drums; special release “Honor the Treaties” produced by John Densmore and Keith Secola; Lyrics by Jim Morrison & music by the Doors; vocals by Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman and John Densmore, Greg Allman special release for RSD & Lucinda Williams; “Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone.”

Which leads me to…going to see Lucinda Williams this week mostly because I think her drummer; Jonathan “Butch” Norton is something special to watch. In the videos I have seen his percussion is not limited to the set. He integrates all kinds of other percussion instruments and he looks so darned relaxed doing so. I am a wee bit worried he is not on tour with her this time around but really hoping he will be there!


Drum Head Magazine

Picked up a copy of this awesome magazine this month. Boy, was I happy to see there was an article called Micropause! Can you guess what that is? That strange thing I wrote about recently where I feel like there is a disconnect between hands and head when playing. It can seem miniscule but it is a hiccup which can easily cause a drummer to get off the beat and rush to catch up and perhaps to the untrained ear it would not be noticed but when I am playing it feels awful. The reasons for a Micropause are obvious especially for a novice like me but it was comforting to know that others out there experience it too!

Meaty interview with Mark Giuliana who is the drummer on one of the songs I am currently listening to A LOT; When I Met You off of David Bowie’s last album.

Worth a read.