Can never get enough of my favorite radio station. Thanks to FUV for playing the new Decemberists album; I’ll Be Your Girl. Go check it out.


Professor Prokop Smiles…

Hard to believe but after a long, long, long battle with the shuffle I may finally be making some progress. How do I know? My toughest (but awesome) teacher smiled and made a secretive recording of my latest attempt to play Red Barn. He played it back for me afterwards and was positive about this elusive thing I find so darned hard to perfect. This is monumental in my world. (Did I just jinx myself for next weeks lesson?)

Red House

My most recent song I am working on is Red House, Jimi Hendrix. Although this 12/8 blues song is played with triplets I am working on my shuffle and fills to this beauty. Not a small feat. My old lady brain wants to play the triplet it keeps hearing but luckily with practice, practice, practice I am in override mode and it appears to be working.

Been a while…but still drumming

Still drumming faithfully nearly every day. My happy place (most days!) Lessons have been curtailed to once a month due to financial constraints and because I now have three children studying percussion! Practice times must be haggled over some days in order to ensure everyone gets in their time.  It amazes me how each of them is following a percussion path of their own volition and with enjoyment. My son has most recently chosen percussion for his upcoming fifth grade band instrument but ukulele is his first choice! Unfortunately not part of the band kid. My girls continue to pursue their own path within the percussion field. My oldest continues to play with the highest level band at her high school and participates in marching band along with the pit band for a recent showing of 42nd St at her high school. She has also been working on her trumpet skills with occasional lessons and self motivated learning and practice. This summer she will be in Europe touring with a program which provides performance opportunities and cultural experiences geared toward musically motivated high school students. My middle daughter loves the drum set with all her heart. She is part of her middle school band and her middle school jazz band. Watching her grow in her skills and confidence is wonderful to behold.

As for me I am in pursuit of an awesome shuffle…