The long and short of it…I am a thwarted drummer girl of the 70’s who was told in elementary school that there was a boy who would be better suited for percussion and I should choose the clarinet or flute. (Wah, wah!) Let me say right now that the clarinet sat in my classroom closet for the majority of the year with barely a note played. As it collected dust my teacher wisely informed my parents they would be better off returning the rental and allowing me to give up on this underused instrument. (Phew!) Although my creative side took me to many other places; training as a professional dancer at the School of American Ballet in NYC and later both an undergraduate degree from Stockton State College and a Master’s degree from UCLA in dance/movement therapy my interest in drumming never left me. I did have opportunities to learn some hand drumming which was wonderful but still did not fill that void. My very sweet hubby knew of this unfulfilled desire and even purchased a practice pad and sticks along with a gift certificate for drum lessons where we were living at the time in CA. This was before kids but truthfully I felt intimidated always remembering that this was not a choice for me as a girl way back when. Fast forward to five years ago and a significant birthday and quite a bit more bravery on my part along with the determination to not allow myself to live with regret over something I wished to pursue but felt very afraid to do. My hubby purchased an electronic set for me and it got the ball rolling! It was absolutely one of the best decisions I have ever made. This purchase coincided with my oldest daughter’s interest in choosing percussion for her fifth grade instrument so the timing could not have been better although that involves a bell kit and snare drum for her. Interestingly my middle daughter has chosen to follow the same path and is also pursuing percussion as her instrument(s) of choice. All three of us have been lucky enough to take private lessons from a gentleman I refer to as “Professor Prokop.” He is a young fella who performs, records and teaches in and around the NYC area. I am only able to afford two lessons a month for myself but how I look forward to these! I have been wanting to blog for a while about my drum exploits and those of my girls because I have met so many women who upon learning of my drum hobby share their thwarted drummer girl dreams. It is never too late.

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

-Amelia Earhart


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