Can never get enough of my favorite radio station. Thanks to FUV for playing the new Decemberists album; I’ll Be Your Girl. Go check it out.


Spain: Every Time I Try

Dug up this song last weekend off of an old soundtrack cd for the movie, The End of Violence.

This song is giving me the opportunity to practice my cross stick and play quite a bit on my beloved ride cymbal. I so love how the new one sounds, sweet!


Prepare yourselves for some mighty strange music tastes emanating from this drummer girl. I have always had eclectic tastes and today get a lot of my music inspiration from the radio station FUV. Where can I hear Massive Attack and the Doors on one radio station? This is the one for folks who love a wee bit of everything. This week the blast from the past coming out of my car radio was none other than Tone-Loc. Remember “Funky Cold Medina?” Super fun to practice my improv to. I can’t help but smile and get in the groove.

My latest vinyl purchase was the Rolling Stones “Blue and Lonesome.” I am a big fan of blues music and although the Stones are on my radar as a band I enjoy this music from them really makes me sit up and take notice.

In January FUV began an awesome new program where they feature an artist or genre of the week and play interviews and music interspersed throughout their playlists by the artist or genre they are featuring. It is an excellent educational component and has made me explore further, artists I may have otherwise not given a deeper listen to. The one I most appreciated recently; Lucinda Williams. Not just her music but also her drummer!